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The Beginning of Wisdom School: Eternal Values for Developing the Person

Our Mission Statement:

Through personal growth and the intentional interaction between school leaders, teachers and parents, we will strive to create the conditions, in which every child can develop as a unique person with a special calling from God.

Our Values (educational philosophy and school culture):

  • GODLINESS - iblical Christian values, practical and living faith, hope, love, and an understanding of the world in which we live.
  • QUESTIONS - It is not a problem if we don't have answers for every question in life; it is a problem, however, when we have decided that we know everything and have no need to search and grow.
  • DIALOGUE - right for statement of own point of view has everyone. The variety of thoughts is not a problem, but possibility to find best way to success.
  • MISTAKES - Mistakes can be useful, if we are not ashamed of them or try to hide them. Instead, we should try to draw conclusions and learn something from our mistakes. This will bring us personal change for the better.
  • PARTNERSHIP - In our school administration we strive to avoid the dominance factor inherent in vertical, “top-down” relationships (director- teacher, teacher-student). Rather, we try to achieve partnerships, in which all parties, having the same interest, can achieve the same goals.
  • CHOICE - Monotony brings death, diversity brings life. Having a choice involves factoring in the abilities of individuals and providing opportunities to both students and teachers for personal expression.
  • TRUSTING - Trusting relationships stimulate self-evaluation, foster the development of personal, inner qualities and eliminate the need for top-down control.
  • INITIATIVE - In order for teachers to motivate students to take initiative in their lives, teachers themselves must be a model of this quality. Such an approach eliminates the need for unhealthy control and undue pressure on students.

The Beginning of Wisdom School: 10 reasons to choose us!

  1. Christian values in student up-bringing
  2. A healthy life-style among teachers and staff members
  3. Flexible payment plan for tuition and a system of discounts
  4. Government accredited program
  5. Small classes (from 10 to 20 students)
  6. Opportunities to travel abroad
  7. Hot lunches
  8. Convenient location (7-minute walk from " Kholodnaya Gora" subway station )
  9. Attractive school badges and an academic journal for students
  10. Both Saturdays and Sundays are days off!